Gruby Benek – KIELCE, ul. Massalskiego 8H

    ul. Massalskiego 8H
  • 412 608 222, 41 369 69 39
    510 510 020
  • Pn-Czw 11:00-23:00
    Pt-Sob 11:00-01:00
    Nd 11:00-23:00
    Zamówienia przyjmujemy maksymalnie do pół godziny przed zamknięciem lokalu.


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Logo Gruby Benek 150x150 Gruby Benek   KIELCE, ul. Massalskiego 8H

Our company’s success is based on a constant quest to improve our skills, years of experience. This is possible thanks to the central pastry following the recipe for all pizzerias our network. The ingredients that we use in production and baking come from well-known and highly regarded Polish manufacturers. So they are always fresh and of the highest quality. All of these factors allow us to preserve the unique taste of our pizza.

Another distinctive element of competition among us is the fact that the customer composes himself pizzas deciding on its composition and price. Our motto is:
You decide what you order and how much you pay.

The thick network of pizzerias offer Benek can find the option that is unmatched by the competition MEGA grazing. This means that twice the amount of each ingredient.
The quality of our product has been noticed and appreciated by consumers. Networks increase in popularity of pizza Gruby Benek brought us, in the prestigious program Laurel Discovery of the Year 2009 title.

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Fundusze Europejskie - dla rozwoju innowacyjnej gospodarki.